The Chase

In Savannah continue traditional hunting methods, maintaining the utmost respect for the animal, the most common forms being the stalking and wait in ponds or bait.

In addition to our highly professional rifle hunting, we are also experts in Bow hunting, possessing a large number of special aguardos using this method, as all our hides are spacious and well camouflaged.

In our camp a Hunter could step out with his rifle on his shoulder to come into contact with game that includes Large Kudu , Wildebeest, Oryx and waterbuck and this all without having to take any long drives to Hunting grounds. This makes the experience very rewarding and interesting..

Photo safaris and tours in general

Savannah Safaris offers its clients more than a hunting safari experience. We offer a unique combination of Photo Safari’s and Game drives to ensure our Hunters has the full opportunity to explore Africa at its best.